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Huta Laziska it is a plant in Poland specialized in production of ferroalloys – essential additives for steelmaking and foundry processes. It has an established position in the domestic and foreign markets. In the past few years the majority of produced ferroalloys are designated for export. Huta has a license to trade in electricity.




On the initiative of Prince von Pless, John Henry XV Hochberg, construction of power plant and electrothermal smelter was begun in Laziska Gorne, aiming to meet the demand for calcium carbide used in local mines. At the beginning the calcium carbide was supplied especially to mines owned by Prince von Pless.



Production of calcium carbide was started.



Power plant and calcium carbide factory were registered in the industry register as company Kraft und Schmelzwerke &quo;Prinzegrube&quo; Aktiengezellschaft (Power plant and calcium carbide factory of &quo;Książątko&quo; mine).



All shares of Kraft und Schmelzwerke “Prinzegrube” Aktiengezellschaft were purchased by Swiss company “Elektrochemie AG – Schaffhausen,” in which the Prince von Pless had the final say.


Calcium carbide supply to the mines located in Upper Silesian Coal Basin was started.



Production of ferroalloys intended for the steel mills located in Upper Silesian Coal Basin was started. Smelter was producing ferrosilicon, ferrochrome, ferrosilicoaluminium, rapid-setting cement and corundum.



The company’s name „Kraft und Schmelzwerke “Prinzegrube” Aktiengezellschaft&quo; was changed into &quo;Zakłady Elektro Spółka z ograniczoną poręką&quo;(&quo;Plant Elektro Limited Surety Company&quo;).



The economic recovery and the Swiss capital inflow resulted in extension of the production range and increase the volume of production, as well as bringing new solutions to the manufacturing process.



Plant Elektro received a gold medal at National Universal Exhibition in Poznan for production of ferroalloys and export activities.



After World War II the Plant Elektro was nationalized.



Plant Elektro was divided into Power Plant “Łaziska” and Huta “Łaziska”. Facilities producing ferroalloys were separated from the multi-branch Plant “Elektro” and a stand-alone company “Huta Łaziska” was created, aimed exclusively for the production of ferroalloys.



Production of ferroalloys in submerged electric-arc furnaces on the second furnace workshop was started.



Modern fitted third furnace workshop was put into operation.



Fourth furnace workshop, equipped with installation for dedusting post-reaction gases, was put into operation.



First furnace workshop was modernized.



Installation for dedusting post-reaction gases from the first furnace workshop was put into operation.



Closed technological water circuit and water treatment station were put into operation.



The remaining furnace workshops were connected to the installation for dedusting post-reaction gases.



State-owned enterprise was transformed into a joint stock company.


Modern, two-stage line for crushing, screening and packaging of ferroalloys was put into operation.



Closed cooling water circuit with heat recovery used for heating the plant and hot water production was put into operation.


Huta Laziska continuously improves the production process in terms of technology, utilisation efficiency of raw materials and energy, as well as minimising the production influence on the environment.

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